Evaporate the Cloud

Moving on? Cancel at any Time.

CloudPress Studio

Last Update vor 7 Monaten

The CloudPress Studio Managed Website Service is provided as a month-to-month SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. If at any time you wish to move on to a new focus, simply cancel your monthly subscription with us through PayPal.

Your website and associated services (Email, Newsletter, Hosting, etc.) will continue to function for the remainder of the current billing period. At the end of the current billing period, the cloud will be evaporated. It will be lights out – as if you’ve never signed up. 

IMPORTANT: Your website is built and maintained using licensed software, provided as a service. Should you cancel your service with us, we are unable to transfer the license or website to you. While we cannot allow you to take your website with you, the domain name associated with your website can be yours and can be transferred to another domain registrar. Domain name ownership change and transfer is available at a once-off fee of $250.

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