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Want to add more content to your website than what was set for the initial launch?  No problem! Visit our Knowledgebase for information on our On-Demand services and pricing, then submit a ticket or get in touch with us via live chat to order the necessary service.

Once your order is placed, and once we've received your new content, we endeavor to update your website as quickly as possible. The general turn-around time for post-launch content updates is approximately 2-5 business days, depending on complexity.

Depending on which package you're on, and the content set up for the initial launch of your website, you may not need to pay anything extra for adding additional content to your website.

For example; You may have signed up for the CLOUD package, which provides the setup and design of up to 10 pages based on your provided content, but you may have only provided content for 3 pages for the initial launch of your website. If such is the case; you may then provide us with new content for an additional 8 pages, free of charge. There is no time-limit on making use of all provided services that are included in your current service package.

Only when additional content, changes, updates, and new features exceed the limits of your current package, would you then need to either upgrade your package, or make use of our On-Demand Services.

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