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If you find yourself wondering,"Why CloudPress Studio? Why not build my own website? Why not use a lower-cost service provider? or Why not directly employ a web designer to build my website in-house?" Please consider the following scenarios;

Building and effectively maintaining your own professional website is not as easy as it seems. There are many great DIY options available; we've even recommended a few of them here in our Knowledgebase. But even "easy" and affordable DIY options require a certain level of understanding and technical skill. You have to know the general ins-and-outs of not only the tool that you're using to build your website, but you also require sufficient knowledge of how it all comes together including; Website Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc), Domain Registration, DNS Management, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Website and Server Performance, Website Security, e-Commerce (if you want to sell online), Website and Server Updates and Maintenance, just to name a few. Unless you have a basic understanding of how all of these things work, and how they all work together; you're better off using a Managed Website Service where all of these things are managed for you by an experienced and dedicated webmaster.

Alternatively, you may be considering lower-cost services providers. Such service providers generally make use of limited tools, and they host their client's websites on unreliable and inefficient shared hosting platforms. All of this is not only a huge reliability problem but also a great security risk. Shared hosting is when hundreds - sometimes thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of websites are all hosted on the same server, in the same location, and they all share the same server resources. Some shared hosting providers claim to offer unlimited resources but what they fail to mention; is that the server resources are extremely limited, as it is shared with many other websites. This results in slow-loading websites and the frequent "unable to establish database connection" errors that you've probably already encountered many times. There is no such thing as "unlimited hosting." Websites on shared hosting platforms often perform poorly in terms of speed, reliability, and security. Most shared hosting plans include an easy-to-use control panel that also provide integrated email services. But, did you know; your shared hosting provider (and the service provider that sold the shared hosting service to you) is able to read all of your emails in plain text format, from a folder on the server that's shared with many other random websites? Anyone with access to your control panel, or skilled in cross-site, server-wide hacking is also able to read your emails. Bad actors could use this to gain access to sensitive information resulting in dire consequences. Any transactions, customer details, or other sensitive information that may be stored on your website's database is also more vulnerable to data breaches when using shared hosting. We strongly advise against the use of any shared hosting service!

Here at CloudPress Studio, we build websites using feature-rich, licensed, premium, and industry-leading tools. When it comes to hosting; Each website that we manage runs on its own Virtual Private Server (VPS), with dedicated resources offering greater performance, reliability and security. And rather than hosting all servers in the same physical datacenter; we set up a server for your website in a secure, reliable, and trusted datacenter that's closest to you. This results in reduced latency (faster loading time, and greater access and reliability for yourself and your customers). Our email service is also more reliable and more secure by design; hosted by a trusted and reliable, industry-leading business email provider (Rackspace), and we offer secure two-factor authentication for your email account - when enabled; you may rest assured that no one but you will have easy access to your emails; thereby keeping your private communication safe from bad actors.

You may also consider hiring a full-time web designer or web developer to build and maintain your website in-house. For some corporations, that is indeed a viable option, but then you have to pay a full web designer salary; hope and trust that you've hired the right person for the job; deal with employment agreements, human resource matters, and other unnecessary situations that can easily be avoided by rather making use of a Managed Website Service provider such as CloudPress Studio. Our services cost but a small fraction of the average senior web designer salary and we do not lock you in with complicated contracts. 

Simply contact us and order our services when needed; subscribe on a month-to-month basis, and cancel at any time if you no longer require our services. 

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